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Among the ancients, a trophy con- sisted of a pile of arms taken from a vanquished enemy, raised by the conqueror in the most conspicuous part of the field of battle, and usually dedicated to some one of their gods.

Whether it's getting your children to school safely, special needs transportation services for the handicapped, public and commuter busing, bus maintenence and repair services, or luxury coach and charter busing... " Since tlie purchase of Louisiana and Florida," says Mr. Senator Walker's statements upon this subject (see his let- * Tucker's " Progress of the United States." t Ibid. ter to the people of Carroll county, Kentucky) are deserving of very serious attention. But it is very probable that slave states would diminish quite as rapidly in the north as they would increase in the south. Walker shows how the constantly augmenting number of free blacks in the southern states would be diffused, through Texas, into Mexico and South America, if Texas were incorporated into the Union. Both questions may be promptly answered in the negative. The committee meddle not with the political considerations arising from any prospective increase or diminution in the number of slave states.

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55, making a disposition of foreign flags which have been taken in battle, and of such flags of the United States as have been used in memorable battles. sentatives had tliis subject under consideration, they were informed by the then Secretary of War : " Of the standards and colors taken by the army of the United States, during the war of the Revolution, six remain in this office ; others, it is understood, were deposited in Philadelphia while Con- gress sat in that city.

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